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Dear Colleague,

Thank you for taking time to participate in our activity.

Kindly note that your contribution will be evaluated based on the criteria that were sent to you. Our criteria was set to assure objective assessment and fair opportunity for all participants. Ultimately, we value every participation, and we welcome you as a valued member of our global network.


Build strong relationship with the patient from the beginning and respects confidentiality.


Set expectations for the patient about when their treatment will approximately start to show results.


Go that extra mile and arrange a follow-up method.


Time management is a key. Please manage your session to be done in 5 minutes. Points off for every minute extra.


Avoid any medical terms when communicating with patients about their disease, how does their medication work, most common side effects, etc. Be simple.


Ensure the patient understood well the provided information. Repetition is the mother of learning.


Your outfit and body language are the bridge that will transfer your message effectively.


Upload your video to any cloud platform and make it accessible via link and paste it in the form below 


Student Competition
Submission Form

Thank you for connecting with IVPN Network!

Sorry! Our Competition has been finished, Thank you for contacting us.

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