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With profound pleasure and honor, we celebrate the official launch of IVPN Journal Club Digest. I would like to extend my warm welcome message to the respected readership of our JC digest.

I take this opportunity to thank our editors, Jumana and Sohail for their meaningful contribution to this amazing work, Shahama for her spectacular artistic touch and Dr. Ahmad Elouweini for his remarkable leadership.

With IVPN-JC, we connect evidence with practice for best patient care.

Osama Tabbara,


President, IVPN-Network

It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to the first edition of IVPN Journal Club Digest. Enjoy reading the abstracts from latest published articles and embrace the philosophy of IVPN-NETWORK to enhance pharmacy knowledge transfer, inspire and influence new generation of pharmacists.

Joumana Al-Salloum

Sohail Azam 

IVPN-JC Digest V 1.1

IVPN-JC Digest V 1.2

IVPN-JC Digest V 2.1

IVPN-JC Digest V 3.1

IVPN-JC Digest V 4.1

IVPN-JC Digest V 5.1

IVPN-JC Digest V 5.2

IVPN-JC Digest V 6.1

IVPN-JC Digest V 6.1

IVPN-JC Digest V 7.1

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